Freezing Peppers Guide

Freezing Peppers

Brrr. I’m cold just thinking about winter coming. It’ll be here soon and if you’re like me, you want to enjoy your peppers during the cold months. Freezing peppers can definitely help with that. 

The good news is freezing peppers is simple and easy.

Of all the methods of preserving peppers, freezing them is definitely one of the easiest. Although, pickled peppers is one of the tastier routes you can go.

Let’s break down the freezing process into 5 easy steps.

Step 1:

Freezing Peppers

Pick your peppers and wash them well. Using a colander makes this easy. Make sure your peppers are ripe. If they aren’t, consider waiting until they are.

For example, the peppers in the picture are Cherry Bombs. Like many peppers, they turn fully red when ripe. Some of the ones I picked were still green around the stem, so I set them off to the side to wait. 

Step 2:

Freezing Peppers

Cut the backs off the peppers and gut them. Try to get out as much of the seeds and white membrane (placenta) as you can. You can buy pepper deseeder tools like the one I’m using. They definitely make this work faster and easier.

My tool is sharp plastic. The smooth side works great. But the serrated side has some pretty gnarly teeth that have a tendency to destroy what I’m working on. Smaller teeth probably wouldn’t be an issue. If you are looking to buy a tool yourself, keep this in mind.

Step 3:

Freezing Peppers

Place your peppers on a cookie sheet and spread them out slightly. The goal here is to not let any of them touch. Doing so will allow the peppers to freeze individually so they don’t stick together later.

Step 4:

Freezing Peppers

Put the cookie sheet in the freezer and let them freeze solid. This sheet took about 2 hours.

Leaving your peppers longer than this isn’t a big deal. However, if your freezer has a smell to it, the peppers can absorb it over time.

So it’s a good idea to keep this process short and sweet.

Freezing Peppers

Step 5:

Freezing Peppers

Now, put your peppers in a freezer bag and write the type and the date. Try to squeeze all the air out before you seal it completely. Place the bag in the freezer and you’re done!

See, wasn’t freezing peppers simple? Now whenever you need some just open and grab what you want. Thawing the entire bag isn’t necessary.

The texture of the peppers will be not be as crisp as fresh. But they still taste every bit as good. And they thaw pretty fast too!


One thing to be aware of is that while they’re thawing, they will become kind of juicy/watery. Putting them in a colander in the sink will prevent any countertop messes.

Know someone who could use this guide? Please share it with them! If you know any other tips or tricks on freezing peppers I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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