Easy Swiss Chard Recipe - Italian Style

Swiss Chard Recipe

Would you like a simple Swiss Chard recipe that’s totally delicious and nutritious? I’m guessing that’s a yes and it’s why you’re here. Maybe you have some coming in from your fall garden.

The good news is what I’m about to share with you is exactly that. The bad news? I don’t have any exact measurements. This recipe comes from my wife’s Italian grandma. I don’t think she uses measurements.

As you can probably guess from the large stack of Swiss Chard above, I didn’t measure anything anyways. Woulda, coulda, shoulda weighed it at least. But I was just trying to finish quickly.

Sometimes being a parent will force you to do that. 

Anyways, despite no exact measurments, I can definitely give you some approximates. Pay attention to the size of that stack. Here it is from another angle: 

Swiss Chard Recipe

Would you look at the size of this one leaf? Just look at it!

Swiss Chard Recipe


Remember how I said this was a simple Swiss Chard recipe? All you need is Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper and Garlic.

That’s it!

The amounts you use will depend on how much Swiss Chard you’re cooking and your own taste buds. You are free to use EV Olive Oil if you want. Be sure to use enough, but don’t overdo it. Soggy chard isn’t fun and too little won’t be enough for flavor.

Be forewarned: garlic can go a long ways. I only used 2 cloves with all of this. 


Step 1: Wash your leaves very well. There was quite a bit of dirt on mine. Also, unless you like the stems, break them off at the base of the leaf.

Step 2: Get a big pot (or 2 in my case) and get the water boiling. You may want to start this while you’re washing. Adding a little salt can help the water boil faster. 

Drop your leaves into boiling water and let continue to boil for about 5-7 minutes. Drain everything into a colander.

Swiss Chard Recipe
Swiss Chard Recipe

Step 3: Use a pair of tongs to gently pick up your leaves and lay them somewhat evenly onto a cutting board. It doesn’t have to be perfect but try to lay the leaves flat. 

Everythning is very soft at this point so be sure to handle with care. 

Step 4: Take a knife and run it long ways and side ways. You basically want to cut it into squares.

Ideally you want about 1 inch squares. But feel free to go smaller if you like.

Step 5: At this point everything should have cooled down enough for you to handle by hand. If not, just wait until it has.

Put everything back into your colander and toss it around by hand. This will help free the leaves from each other and drain excess water.

Remember how I said to pay attention to how much I started with? Look at it now. Doesn’t even fill your average colander.

Swiss Chard Recipe
Swiss Chard Recipe

Step 6: Add the Olive Oil to your pan and turn on medium to medium-high heat. Let the oil heat up a little before adding the Swiss Chard.

Remember: olive oil has a low smoke point.

You don’t want it to be that hot before adding the leaves. Excess water will cause the oil to pop and splatter. 

As you can see, I used a wok because of the amount of leaves. Plus it just makes frying things like this so easy.

Step 7: Now add the chard and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Then grab a spatula and get to turning. After turning add a little more salt and pepper. Then go like stir fry.

Last, when your think it’s about half done, add your finely chopped garlic. Keep cooking it like stir fry. 

And then… 

You’re done! 

Swiss Chard Recipe


Easy right? And only 7 steps. This Swiss Chard recipe makes a great side. Or the main course. I mean, whatever.

Actually, I think my wife’s grandma makes this and stuffs it in these little calzone type things that she bakes. 

Out of this freaking world. 

If you liked this recipe let me know in the comments below and please share!

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